Our Ten Favorite Bad Ass Monster Hunters

Last weekend we were introduced to a hidden era of one of the nation’s finest president when we learned Abraham Lincoln was in fact a vampire hunter in his prime. The film from Timur Bekmambetov has made waves with horror fans and enthusiasts alike and we look forward to seeing where his exploits bring him with his mighty axe in tow. In celebration of the film, we mulled over our ten favorite bad ass monster hunters from pop culture and celebrated the good guys who look out for the little guy against the big bads looming in the darkness.

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Blade: The Series

After a rather unspectacular opening, it’s pretty clear where we stand. The budget is low, and Sticky Fingaz (rapper turned actor) is basically imitating Wesley Snipes doing Blade. Rather than take his own personality and attribute it to the character of Blade, Mr. Fingaz seeks only to imitate Snipes. Suggestion from the director, or his own choice, either one is still an incredible misstep. Fingaz even imitates Snipes’ slight African accent, with no avail.

The accent jumps in and out, and there are expected changes to the plot. Now Blade has an entourage comprised of your usual characters, and the wolf pack, Whistler, Deacon Frost et al are all basically forgotten, and or never mentioned. Maybe it’s permanent or maybe they’re saving it for (wishful thinking on their part) future seasons. I liked the “Blade” series. While “Blade” may not have been a masterpiece, its successors were entertaining. It was only obvious a spin-off/series would be attempted. And it’s still a great idea.

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