Fantasia International Film Festival 2016 Wrap-Up

fantasia-2016This year’s edition of Fantasia was their 20th, having missed only three or four, I was eager to attend this anniversary year.  As usual since moving from Montreal to Southern California, I was only able to attend for a short period, so I made sure to enjoy it as much as possible, making it a point to see films with a crowd and going to the official festival pub while attending the same week as the market and a few friends. I also made a point to see as many movies as possible, seeing a grand total of 28 films for which the reviews can be found at the below this piece (before the list of winners).

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Sex Murder Art: The Films of Jörg Buttgereit [4 Blu-Ray/2 CD Collector’s Edition]

SMA-2Now Available for fans of extreme horror and underground cinema, Cult Epics releases a four movie compilation of Jörg Buttgereit’s acclaimed genre films along with a near encyclopedic series of extras. Featured is “Nekromantik” the film that centers on a young man named Rob who collects body parts while disposing of corpses through his job. An avid necrophiliac, he ventures to steal a fully in tact corpse and brings it home to wife Betty, who is also a necrophiliac. Before Rob realizes, Betty gradually falls in love with the corpse, and leaves husband Rob for it. “Nekromantik” is still considered a volatile and controversial horror film even in the day and age where blood and grue are common place on mainstream television. Divisive and revolting, “Nekromantik” garners a large reputation both good and bad from horror fanatics.

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Bleeding Skull!: A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey [Paperback]


The mission statement from the Bleeding Skull website is to review only horror and trash films from the 80’s, and they’d be mostly films you never heard of, before. After compiling hundreds of reviews based on films from the 1980’s that almost no one would ever bother with, “Bleeding Skull” finally releases a compilation of some of their best written reviews of pure eighties junk.

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