Prison-A-Go-Go! (2003)

prisonagogoninjaI have no aversion to women in prison movies. No, sir, I do not. I happen to enjoy good schlock when it’s done well, and I happen to enjoy flicks like “Cellblock Sisters.” When I caught wind of “Prison A-Go-Go!”, I was utterly intrigued. It’s not often you get a movie that’s intended to be schlock these days. Some directors just make bad movies and pretend its schlock, and many attempt schlock but fail miserably. “Prison A-Go-Go!” gets it right most of the time. “

Prison A-Go-Go!” is a pretty entertaining C grade women in prison flick that doesn’t even take its goofy premise seriously. Rules are broken, story is thrown out the window, and not a single thing makes sense, but damn is it ever fun. I enjoy watching films that really have the best concept in mind even in the face of senselessness. “Prison A-Go-Go!” involves a young girl named Janie who kills a man to get into a Filipino jail after her sister is taken prisoner. From there, she’s doomed to serve time in a jail comprised of ninjas, flesh eating zombies, and security guards who bash knees.

I mean, how can you hate a film that has a “Shower Clock” that counts down the topless scenes of women in the showers during the film? You just can’t. You just can’t. From beginning to end, “Prison A-Go-Go!” is just such a stupid and pointless film that it just kept me smiling the whole way through. The cast perform with such hilarity that you can sense they’re enjoying themselves even if they know the movie pretty much sucks. There’s that ninja who is in the prison for no good reason, and even a bunch of zombies who eat most of the cast.

But as the prisoners plan a large escape, you can just sense the writer with his tongue planted firmly in cheek. Epstein and Wiebe are never afraid to step out of the film’s confines to address the audience about an issue involving product placement, while the film plays like it promises. This is crap you’d find at a video store… back in the good old days of movie rentals.  There’s really nothing left to be said about “Prison A-Go-Go!” other than it’s an acquired taste that you’ll either love or hate. I enjoyed the shit out of it for its sense of humor, and just all around entertainment value.