The Bad Cookie (2010)

badcookieDirector Drew Daywalt’s short “The Bad Cookie” is something of a twisted dark comedy and horror story that is really almost impossible to peg down but is nonetheless very entertaining and goofy in some instances, it’s that classic horror story of pure evil born out of hatred, and the romance between a woman and a her cookie. Daywalt comprises a genuinely entertaining and simultaneously ridiculous fantasy horror film about a young woman named Denise who is something of an angelic young woman prone to many hobbies, one of which is celebrating Halloween with horror movies, and baking cookies.

One moment of sheer happenstance and fate prompts her to prick her finger dripping blood on to her cookie dough. From one instance of hatred, she gives birth to a rotten cookie, one with a personality, a fierce loyalty toward his maker, and an absolute hatred for her boyfriend Christopher. This prompts Denise to accept the Bad Cookie in spite of his grotesque appearance that feature eyes, jagged teeth, and a permanent scowl that melts in to a dreamy glance whenever he lays eyes on Denise who is instantly accepting of him, even dancing with the demonic pastry.

“The Bad Cookie” is a movie with a clearly defined tongue set in its cheek enlisting a narration that sets the tone for a fairytale of monstrous proportions that gives a lovelorn young girl a companion on a food that subservient and completely sympathetic to her dilemma of trying to grab attention from her boyfriend who appears drunken at the end of the short. Daywalt in a sly manner asks us to decide who is the monster in this equation and inevitably Denise does as well when comparing the grotesque cookie and the disgusting boyfriend showing her little love as possible on her favorite holiday. With some sharp puppetry and a slick sense of humor, “The Bad Cookie” is an entertaining short from Daywalt. An unusual, memorable, and utterly unique tale of love, revenge, and hatred, “The Bad Cookie” is a wicked short gem with an interesting concept, some laugh inducing moments and a premise that will have you baking your cookies a lot more carefully during Halloween.