Night of the Punks (2011)

night-of-the-punksYet another short film seeking funding for a feature, “Night of the Punks” is a call back to the days of splatter punk horror films like “Night of the Demons” and “Return of the Living Dead” where a hapless bunch of rockers find themselves victims of something truly horrific. “Night of the Punks” has a really unstoppable energy and charm to it that can really translate wonderfully in to a feature length film. With a solid story and more characters, the nineteen minute short  now Streaming Online could become one hell of a great throwback to a sub-sub genre of horror that is long gone.

“Night of the Punks” sets its sights on the Brain Deads, a travelling punk rock band who has just been booked in to a small town concert where they promise to bring the noise for their fans. They’re angry to discover their audience consists of two burn outs and mysterious hooded concert goers. In spite of the surprise, they perform, and soon learn they must fight for their lives against a group of rabid demonic punk rockers. All of whom are intent on consuming their innards and devouring them whole. Fighting for their lives, they uncover a diabolical plot, and “Night of the Punks” demonstrates a free for all of sharp one-liners, wicked special effects, and a creative plot that could become the basis for a whole series if the feature gets off the ground soon.

“Night of the Punks” has its feet firmly planted in the likes of the eighties horror gems like “Demoni,” and “Night of the Demons” where punk rocking bastards were forced to fight unstoppable evil to the tune of amazing rock bands who scored the whole film, and with enough of a chance “Night of the Punks” could follow that same tradition. Director Dan Riesser directs his film with a respectable balance of comedy and horror, as well as providing some rather memorable gore and gut munching. Hopefully the feature film will explore more of the demons’ origins and why making punk bands the sacrificial lambs is necessary, but for a short and sweet introduction to the premise, “Night of the Punks” is a blast. I wouldn’t mind seeing a feature length version somewhere down the road, as “Night of the Punks” presents a fun and ballsy vision of an element of the horror genre that died with the eighties. With great performances and a creepy villain, this will definitely keep your head banging.