Envoy (2014)


For now, David Weinstein’s “Envoy” is really just “Iron Giant” meets “Predator,” but I think with a wider scope and feature length, “Envoy” could be so much more. The short film from director Weinstein acts simultaneously as a spec film for a more fully realized follow-up and I’m anxious to see where he takes this premise. “Envoy” feels like Weinstein took Spielberg, “Iron Giant,” and The Zeta Project for one really good, but menacing science fiction adventure.

In it, young Kyle brings his big brother Jason out to the corn fields to show him a strange occurrence he’s been dealing with for the last week. Insistent that every time he tosses a basket ball in to the corn field, the ball is thrown back, Jason watches in awe when his brother tosses the ball and it comes back. Even more amazing is what comes out of the corn field to discover who, or what, has been throwing the ball to it. The special effects matched with the design for the robot is incredible, allowing for a unique and very aerodynamic character that just screams cinematic icon.

There are so many quirks and Easter eggs embedded in to the alien robot that it will take a feature film to explore them all, but for what we’re able to see, clearly this is a beast prepared for war. And what we do know is that it has a general mercy towards innocent life, especially when the military begins a rampant assault, prompting the robot to protect his human playmates. “Envoy” is an excellent science fiction short that deserves a big budget treatment. Director David Weinstein has a clear concept and premise in store for audiences, and “Envoy” could be a brilliant genre picture. In its current form, “Envoy” is just superbly directed, well acted, and garners a hell of a mesmerizing special effects treatment.