Sorceress (1995): Uncensored Director Approved Edition [Blu-Ray]

sorceress-blurayIt sure is a hard life or Larry Barnes. He’s had a rough time living with an insanely sexy wife Erica, who so happens to be a witch who practices black magic. After failing to curse one of Larry’s business rivals, Larry and Erica clash causing Erica to fall to her death. After casting out his other very sexy female lover and Erica’s sister Maria, she threatens to make his life miserable for causing the death of Erica. After moving on, Amelia, the wife of Larry’s rival is still very bitter and angry about her husband being confined to a wheelchair. Intent on causing hell for Larry, she gives Larry’s new very sexy girlfriend Carol a medallion that Amelia uses as a means of taking control of Carol.

She begins slowly changing Carol’s attitude and look to convince Larry his wife Amelia has possessed his new girlfriend. Meanwhile Amelia is being driven mad by the black magic, which her husband intends to end before she commits to her ultimate plan. Man, life is so tough for some men. “Sorceress” (also known as “Temptress”) is painted as a horror movie, but it’s really dark fantasy with a touch of erotica. While there is a lot of padding with some very long softcore sex scenes, “Sorceress” compensates with its sheer entertainment value and buffet of sheer beauties. From Julie Strain, and Toni Naples, to Linda Blair, “Sorceress” is wall to wall bombshells, complimented by the presence of William Marshall, and the camp touches of Fred Olen Ray, and director Jim Wynorski.

While the performances here and there are spotty, I did enjoy the ambiguous plot point of whether Erica was really haunting Larry, or if Amelia had entire control of the possession. The head scratching final scene will definitely arouse some questions. Seriously, I could think of worse things than being haunted by Julie Strain in my dreams. I digress. Jim Wynorski’s “Sorceress” is that exact kind of film you would find playing at two in the morning in the golden age of cable television. It’s a bit silly, but the narrative is interesting, and Larry Poindexter commits to his performance well. Linda Blair’s presence is scant, as well, but she does a good job as usual, portraying an anti-hero whose good intentions turn in to pure evil. Sure it’s a bit derivative of “The Craft,” but it is an entertaining genre entry from Jim Wynorski’s long list of cult cinema.

In the new release from Synapse Films, there is a pair of pretty thorough commentaries. First, there’s a commentary from director Jim Wynorski who discusses the film, and his experience directing “Sorceress,” while the second commentary features Wynorski alongside make up legend Tom Savini, both of whom discuss the film and their experiences working together with many drinks to liven the mood. Both tracks are a lot of fun and get very deep in to the production, working with the cast, et al. But if you want to get in to the more technical details, as well as the special effects, the commentary with Savini is similar, but more about the cogs of the film. Plus Savini is a fine and interesting speaker with a lot of fun yarns.