The Greatest Radio Station in the World (2022)

In August 2021, David Owen of The New Yorker published an article that declared WPKN-FM in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to be “the greatest radio station in the world.” It was a highly subjective opinion, of course, but Owen’s celebration of the community-supported station’s free-form programming made a cogent argument about how this eclectic station was able to maintain its originality and spirit during a time when too much of radio broadcasting has become stale and predictable.
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Michael Mongillo’s “Diane”

Michael Mongillo is one of the most inventive filmmakers in the independent film world, with acclaimed films including “Welcome to Earth” and “Being Michael Madsen.” His latest feature, “Diane,” is a provocative psychological thriller that has earned praise on the film festival. In this episode of The Online Movie Show, Michael Mongillo joins us to discuss his distinctive approach to cinematic storytelling.

The episode can be heard here.

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