What Our “Awesome Mix” Playlist Would Look Like


Next month is the release of the blockbuster action film “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and it’s every damn bit as great as you’ve heard. It deserves its high praise and big box office. One of the key elements of the film that make up the character of Star Lord is his mixed audio cassette “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” which includes his favorite songs from the mid seventies to late eighties from when he was a child. It’s the sound track that is the icing to an already fantastic film. Like every other music lover we have our own list of songs we’d include in an “Awesome Mix,” so without further ado, here’s our playlist.

Let us know the songs for your “Awesome Mix” in the comments!

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Go Go Mania (1965)


It all started with the Beatles. From there it was a slew of really interesting British Invasion groups, and singers, many of whom ranged from absolutely abysmal, to quite unique. It’s a shame many of these bands never quite garnered the legacy that the Beatles did, but “Go Go Mania!” has value, if anything, in showing how many bands climbed out of the woodwork to claim their own fame once the Beatles stormed America.

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