Top Ten Super Teams We'd Kill to be Apart Of

It’s all come to this, people! Come May 4th Marvel Entertainment will put together the ultimate in team movies, when action heroes from all of Marvel’s latest movies come together to take on the evil Loki and his army to defend Earth and Avenge humanity. Hopes are high for the big screen debut of comic books’ most popular super team, and we’re expecting one hell of a fun cinematic ride. On the road to the Avengers film, we got to thinking about our favorite super teams, and we compiled a list of ten super teams we’d kill to be apart of, if we were ever alive in their realities. This is of course a list for the fan boys, but these are ten super teams and organizations from comics, TV, and pop culture that we’d love to sign up for. We’d gladly abandon our humdrum lives for a shot at membership with these fine elite teams who help protect interests of all kinds. Top Ten list, assemble!

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