Who's Ma Ma! Joe Ma Ma! (2007)

joe_mamaSean J.S. Jourdan seems to have a knack for perfectly pinning humanity in all its chinks and warts, and that’s a true talent. Not many directors can properly capture the human tragedy and when it comes along, it has to be appreciated. “Who’s Ma Ma!” is a short documentary about a simple family of men who have endured horrible tragedies in their lives and yet—they still stagger on.

The question many will ask while watching is: How do they keep going on? Well, it’s a feat and a half. “Who’s Ma Ma!” properly explores human hardships and the strength of the working class to continue on in the face of crime and death. Not to mention, Jourdan pays homage to the lower working class by showing how they manage to always land on their feet, and in spite of their criminal past, still seek the best for their children.

Hell, the men here have a son they take to the boy scouts. Jourdan explores the true American man. The one who works his ass off to feed his family, and just wants to be left to his own devices. The subjects explored demand the screen and really just go about their everyday life, and yet they’re the better for enduring all the horrible incidents of their life for it. “Who’s Ma Ma!” is a wonderful short documentary about the lower working class, and Jourdan is able to succeed in providing us such a compelling story in such a short window of time.