Fetish Factory (2017)

fetishfactoryposterIn the “Fetish Factory” every male client comes attached with his own fetish and arrives to the special mansion to watch some of the best and sexiest burlesque performers realize some of their weirdest fantasies. Director and writer Staci Layne Wilson delivers a horror comedy that’s admittedly rough around the edges but has enough charm and laughs to entertain audiences that enjoy a bit of kink with their zombie carnage. Carrie Keagan plays burlesque performer Bettie, a dancer at the Fetish Factory who takes on the persona of Bettie Page for her clientele and dances almost every night. After a mysterious wild storm takes hold of Hollywood, the walking dead begin swarming the Fetish Factory mansion, prompting the surviving dancers to fight off the hordes of flesh eating zombies.

The zombie plot is something of a secondary plot element very similar to James Connolly’s “Gothkill,” but director Layne Wilson compensates with a lot of entertaining montages and some really funny improv by the cast. Clocking in at seventy minutes, “Fetish Factory” has a fairly simple plot that implements its myriad insanely beautiful cast members as much it possibly can, and everyone here seems to having a ball. I’ve always had a crush on Ms. Keagan so it was entertaining see her flex her comedic and improve abilities as she has great chemistry with her co-stars and is the heroine of Ms. Layne Wilson’s film. There are also fun turns by Tristan Risk, Jennifer Blanc, and Jenimay Walker who is memorable as Rosie the Riveter on Rollerskates.

Director Staci Layne Wilson has a very good eye for framing scenes and makes a good show out of the performances, staging a lot of genuinely dazzling shots and moments of hilarity between characters. “Fetish Factory” is the classic tale of busty babes fighting zombies, by director Layne Wilson helps her entry stand apart with a setting heavily entrenched in sexuality. As well she allows “Fetish Factory” to be silly without ever distracting from the initial premise. “Fetish Factory” is a fun and sexy horror comedy with a great sense of self-awareness, and a cast of breathtakingly sexy women kicking zombie ass. “Fetish Factory” has surefire cult potential, and it’s a movie I’d love to see again on the big screen.