10/31 Part II (2019)

I’m elated with the fact that a lot of indie filmmakers these days have delivered so many Halloween-centric genre films. Whether good or bad, there’s practically a whole new sub-genre now, and we’re treated with “10/31, Part II.” The sequel to the surprisingly very good Halloween based horror anthology, “10/31, Part II” offers much of the same Halloween based horror stories, all delivering some unique concepts and narratives that kept the experience lively and surprising.

Horror Mistress Malvolia Queen of Screams (the gorgeous Jennifer Nangle) is back to narrate the sequel, now introducing the onslaught of new segments, along with some novelty mock horror movie trailers for good measure. The addition of four mock horror movie trailers before the feature is a real treat, as we get to see some good old fashioned silliness as well as alluring concepts (“The October Kids” by Brett DeJager needs to happen, pretty please). As for the segments themselves, “10/31, Part II” keeps things fresh with a variety of new horror tales.

Among them there’s A Samhain Liturgy directed by Tory Van Buskirk, a great tale about a babysitting gig from hell involving a psychotic child and something lurking in the basement. Dead Lift directed by Stephen Wolfe is a more cerebral tale of a cynical uber driver who picks up a Dracula impersonator. Apache Hatchet Massacre 2 directed by Max Groah is a funny take on the slasher sub-genre, and of course there’s Overkill directed by Drew Marvick, a tale of too many slashers on Halloween night. Closing out the fun is Sister Mary directed by Tory Van Buskirk, which involves an ex-nun dealing with the demons of her past.

Overall, the variety works, and while I had such a good time, I wouldn’t have closed the film with “Sister Mary.” The short ends on a low note, which should have been more of a closer before the finale. That said, among my favorites were “A Samhain Liturgy” which mixed up so many themes and concepts involving the psychotic child, a Satanic cult, and a pretty nifty finale. “Overkill” is easily my favorite, as it’s a satirical take on the slasher film involving a buxom babysitter and a group of slashers literally arguing over who gets to slay her first. I loved the way it’s staged and Drew Marvick brings some real imagination to this segment.

“10/31, Part II” is a real treat as Halloween is right around the corner, and the movie wears its influences on its sleeve, even delivering a great score that pays obvious tribute to “Creepshow.” It’ll definitely get you in the mood with its sense of novelty and gory fun, as well as its inventive special effects and make up. I hope we can get a third part to round out the series, very soon.

Available On Demand and on Digital August 13th.