Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

Fans have long awaited the proper third film in the “Ghostbusters” series, and while it’s become very apparent that the original cast is much too old to carry the series further, “Afterlife” is a great step in to a new world. Like most legacy sequels of beloved movie series, “Afterlife” pays great reverence to the original, while also carving out a path for a new direction and brand new cast of ghost fighting heroes. While “Afterlife” is very light in laughs and levity, it stills comes out in the end as a fantastic follow up that clicks right in to the first two films beautifully.

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5 More Top Minority Movie Heroes

I love doing the Minority Movie Heroes lists because it’s challenging. It’s easy to find movies where the minority is the villain, but the hero? That requires a lot of searching and combing of movies. As a minority myself I love finding minority movie heroes and including them on the list here. This is the third part in “Our Top 10 Minority Movie Heroes” lists that I had a great time compiling, and what better time to feature part three than Black History Month? You can catch part one and part two of the list, and these are five more that I downright love.

Do you have any favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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