The Bootleg Files: The Three Marx Brothers

BOOTLEG FILES 823: “The Three Marx Brothers” (segment for a proposed 1961 animated TV series inspired by the Marx Brothers).

LAST SEEN: On YouTube.


REASON FOR BOOTLEG STATUS: A rights clearance issue has kept this out of circulation for many years.

CHANCES OF SEEING A COMMERCIAL DVD RELEASE: Maybe as part of a wider animation or Marx Brothers release.

By the end of the 1950s, a few efforts were put forth to reunite the Marx Brothers, who had not worked together as a team since “A Night in Casablanca” in 1946 – the trio were billed together for “Love Happy” in 1949, but that film was mostly centered on Harpo with Chico in a supporting role and Groucho making a few appearances without his brothers during the course of the story.
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Before Blumhouse, Syfy Gave Us Their Own Invisible Man

In 2000, Syfy (then known as Sci Fi Channel) was undergoing a transition in programming that included the introduction of “original programming.” Among these new shows was “The Invisible Man,” a series that mixed classic HG Wells’ science fiction classic, with comedy, drama, crime, science fiction, fantasy, and some good old fashioned espionage and heist antics. The story followed Darien Fawkes (Vincent Ventresca), an inept cat burglar who accidentally murders the owner of a condo attempting to steal some jewels. He’s caught by authorities and given life in prison with only one way out: he can go free if he promises to sign up for a clandestine government program by a mysterious government benefactor.

He agrees to the stipulation and is injected with an experimental formula known as “Quicksilver.”

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TV On DVD: The Wonder Years: Complete Series (DVD)

In fairly high demand since its release years ago, Time Life has begun to re-release the Complete series of “The Wonder Years,” the immensely popular nineties drama that introduced a decade to the sixties. One of the underdogs of the decade, “The Wonder Years” premiered with small fanfare, and ended up becoming one of the most celebrated primetime dramas ever made. I originally reviewed the Deluxe Locker Edition, and now I review the blue box set that features mostly the collection of the entire series on DVD. The series has been restored and featured uncut after almost twenty years out of print and without a proper release.

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“Haters Back Off” Season Review

hatersbackoffFor the uninitiated, Miranda Sings is a combination of Napoleon Dynamite and Mary Katherine Gallagher from “Superstar.” I’ll admit I was only made aware of the Youtube comedy personality “Miranda Sings” about a year ago, and that’s due to the tributes by Youtube family “The Eh Bee Family.” Miranda Sings is a brutally deluded and creepy woman who spends a lot of her time performing and is a celebrity in her own mind. She’s the girl you’d likely see during opening auditions of “American Idol” back in 2001 who would argue incessantly with the judges after giving a heinous audition. After opting not to send her to Hollywood, she’d argue with them for twenty minutes before having to be escorted out of the room, and would likely force her way back in a few times begging for another song to sing. She’d then storm down the lobby swearing the judges knew nothing about singing.

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