The Dark Knight Trilogy: Limited Edition Gift Set [Blu-Ray]

After wallowing for almost two decades in movie limbo thanks to the horrific failure of “Batman & Robin,” it took Warner Bros. hiring of independent filmmaker Christopher Nolan to finall bring Batman out of the whimsy of the nineties and transform him in to a relevant cinematic hero once more. Christopher Nolan, always a man intent on bringing his own ideas to the forefront and never crushing under pressure, decided to basically play the trilogy of Batman movies on his own terms and delivered three of the most quintessential Batman movies ever made. Christopner Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy presents the quintessential cinematic Batman that would come to influence a slew of comic book based films that strived for realism and an adult attitude toward the source material.

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The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season (Limited Edition) [Blu-Ray]

Season two of AMC Network’s “The Walking Dead” is perhaps the most controversial and also the most daring. AMC made the dunderheaded decision of cutting the reins from show runner Frank Darabont and cutting the series’ budget in half right before the premiere of the high rated series that managed to break every cable record in the time of its premiere. Why AMC continues to handle the business in such a manner is baffling. The release of show runner and critically acclaimed director Frank Darabont from the series is one that continues to anger fans, but happens to be a blessing in disguise.

Fans complaining that the show detracted from the comic book source material were in store for much more in the way of detraction with Darabont’s intent on tailoring the series more toward his sensibilities and including wild card episodes at the start of every season. His vision of slow burn storytelling just didn’t sit well with AMC Network and fans either. Fans complain that the first half of “The Walking Dead” season two is sluggish and uneventful. While I disagree, the first half of the season that gets most criticism is that led by Frank Darabont. Season two is almost as flawless as season one, and is given much more room to fail than season one was.

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Alien Vault (Special Edition Hardcover)

alienvaultIt doesn’t matter whether or not fans prefer the raucous party that is “Aliens” or the slow burn terror that is “Alien,” no matter what there will never be another film like Ridley Scott’s “Alien.” Many have tried to duplicate the subtle horrific tale of a group of scavengers stuck on a ship with a creeping alien capable of striking them down at any moment, but very few have been able to capture that thrill and chill that Scott embodied so well with his fixture. Though “Aliens” is a welcome addition to any repertoire, not even James Cameron could capture the dark essence of the alien creeping in the corners of this creaky barge ready to murder and harvest any human host it could seek out. Ian Nicholas brings together an absolutely incredible compilation book that makes up the essential encyclopedia chronicling the development and making of “Alien.”

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