The Dark Knight Trilogy: Limited Edition Gift Set [Blu-Ray]

After wallowing for almost two decades in movie limbo thanks to the horrific failure of “Batman & Robin,” it took Warner Bros. hiring of independent filmmaker Christopher Nolan to finall bring Batman out of the whimsy of the nineties and transform him in to a relevant cinematic hero once more. Christopher Nolan, always a man intent on bringing his own ideas to the forefront and never crushing under pressure, decided to basically play the trilogy of Batman movies on his own terms and delivered three of the most quintessential Batman movies ever made. Christopner Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” trilogy presents the quintessential cinematic Batman that would come to influence a slew of comic book based films that strived for realism and an adult attitude toward the source material.

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The Finale of "The Dark Knight Rises": Our Interpretation

We Warn you, this article contains spoilers to “The Dark Knight Rises.” If you’ve yet to see the film, display caution.

As is the case with most blockbuster films, many movie fans around the internet are basically picking apart and dissecting what the film means as a whole. Even with “The Avengers” being a fairly straight forward action science fiction blockbuster, fans have spent months since its release trying to decipher what some of the story themes and plot points meant and what they hold for future films.

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Inception (2010)

InceptionDreamscapes and the sub-conscious can be an often marvelous subject matter for the discerning creative mind primarily because it’s a realm that is vast and wondrous but incredibly mysterious. After so many decades and centuries of research and exploration’s in to our brains, many scholars and professionals still have no real clue as to where dreams come from, why they exist, where we go when we dream, and whether or not they’re supposed to actually reveal anything. Christopher Nolan has created a Lynchian fantasy set in the mind that is devastating in its originality and innovation taking the dream world and turning it in to one giant landscape upon which to draw a story that is simultaneously a heist film and an existential drama about a man confronting his demons that he has locked away in his dreams for as long as he can remember.

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The Dark Knight (2008) (Deluxe Edition DVD)

TDK-DEThere have been almost two editions of “The Dark Knight” on both DVD and Blu-Ray. I’m happy to admit that they’re all warranted releases. Not only does Warner give us one of the best comic book movies ever made along turning Batman in a tragic tale of becoming a hero in situations he’s just not sure he handle. Take for instance the explosions in the hospital. What I love about the joker here is not that he has a distinct love for violence and doesn’t come with a sub-plot where we’re supposed to sympathize for his life story unlike the “Spider-Man” movies where villains couldn’t just be villains.

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Why "The Dark Knight" is Harvey Dent's Story

Warning: In the following article, we give away large plot twists, and massive spoilers to “The Dark Knight.” Please be wise in displaying caution.

What I’m going to say isn’t an exactly fresh new series of comments, but I think it elicits declarations again and again. As an avid comic book fan I’ve never found anything to enjoy about Batman. He’s a whiny, morose, boring character without any charm to him. But after watching “Batman Begins” and then “The Dark Knight,” it’s safe to say I was kind of wrong. I mean, “The Dark Knight” is without a doubt one of the greatest comic book movies ever made and will likely make many top 10 lists (including my own) once December rolls along. Everything Nolan and his brother have birthed with “The Dark Knight” sparks many allusions to the likes of masterpieces like “LA Confidential” and “Touch of Evil” with wonderful undertones of human cruelty, government corruption, and how easy society can crumble under the threat of a madman.

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The Dark Knight (2008)

darkknightWhen I tell you that “The Dark Knight” is an incredible sequel, read the words carefully. “The Dark Knight” is Christopher Nolan’s ace film taking the throne as quite possibly one of the best superhero movies ever made. Is it a masterpiece of modern filmmaking? Not really. Is it an incredible example of comic book adaptation that transforms in to a genuinely epic story? Why certainly. Bringing about shades of “LA Confidential” with a dash of the classic mobster movies, Christopher Nolan’s follow up to “Batman Begins” is a brutal and exhausting gangster epic that brings to the forefront a slew of complex and intricate sub-plots that question how far we’re willing to go to maintain law and order, how much violence changes us, and if the peace keepers are really any different from the law breakers and murderers.

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