An Interview with Actress Sarah Hall

sarahhall-fullThree words come to mind when I think of Sarah Hall: Yow, Yum, and Wow. Now, you endure my girl crazy antics day in and day out, but Sarah Hall isn’t all looks. It’s not a secret the folks at Asylum and I aren’t on the best of terms, and “The Hitchhiker” is one of the primary films from the video label that has managed to draw the line in the sand (long story), but one of the only highlights of the film is the performance, and arguably, the debut of Sarah Hall to B movie fans. Hall is one of the many rotating cast of actors in the Asylum fold that appears in almost every film title.

Hall has the potential to break out from the horror genre, and can kick the film world up its ass. As a person she’s friendly, and outgoing, and knows how to humor folks, and on-screen she’s unique, charismatic, and manages to steal the show quite often. For proof, turn to “The Hitchhiker,” which almost becomes a display for Hall’s rather alarming sex appeal, and she continues her Asylum affairs with the upcoming–ahem–mock buster “Transmorphers.”

We grabbed a hold of Hall and interviewed her, and yes, even flirted a bit, but Hall was kind enough not to put out a restraining order and obliged. Here’s the hap with Hall.

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Snakes on a Train (2006)

vlcsnap-00010For their credit, this is one of their more competent pieces of crap, and that’s because there’s considerably good gore, and an interesting take on ripping off “Snakes on a Plane.” But, if there’s any more of example of the inconsistency behind Asylum’s newest rip-off it’s the two characters at the beginning whom are illegal immigrants and can’t understand nor speak English to a Texas man sneaking them across the border, yet when they get on a train and meet a friend, they begin understanding and speaking perfect English.

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The Beast of Bray Road (2005)

Beast_of_Bray_RoadAt the start of “Beast”, a young bar patron drifts away from her friends after closing hours and is stalked and mauled to death by a werewolf. The beast grabs her, tears her apart, and howls into the sky. I enjoyed that. But, for no other reason I can imagine but to piss me the hell off, director Scott feels that even though we had that good opening signaling grand things, we could have done without it for another thirty or forty minutes, which in common sense land is a large portion of a film that doesn’t even hit the two hour mark, and that makes zero sense.

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Bram Stoker's Way of the Vampire (2005)

wotvVampire movies are perhaps the easiest of the horror genre to make aside from zombie films. Some fake fangs, contacts, immense over acting and voila (watch the actors here attempt to mutter their lines through fake teeth!). You can go to an online store and simply type in “vampire” and you’ll come up with about seventy to a hundred vampire films. What’s rare about vampire films though, is that it’s extremely difficult to find a vampire movie that’s actually worth watching. I can think of only a few. “Bram Stoker’s The Way of the Vampire” is no exception to this rule.

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