My Five Favorite Comic Book Brawlers

Last week, Marvel Studios premiered “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” to much acclaim and box office success. Shang Chi has been one of Marvel’s biggest and most prominent brawlers, a man who has mastered martial arts and proven to be a living weapon time and time again. In honor of Marvel veteran’s debut, I listed my five favorite Comic Book Brawlers, a group of hand to hand fighters that have been some of my all time favorites since I was a kid.

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“Marvel’s Daredevil” Season Two Review, Top 5 Moments of the Season


I for one loved the introduction of “Daredevil” to the small screen universe. Much like Spider-Man, his is a character that works much better in episodic form rather than feature film format where every narrative has to be compressed. I loved what Marvl brought to the table with the first season, so it’s surprising to say that season two is not only better, but a huge improvement every way shape and form. Season two is, dare I say, amazing. The suit is better, the choreography is better, the performances are better, the writing is killer, and the characters have evolved from the last time we saw them. The entire battle with Wilson Fisk in season one felt a tad stretched out for the sake of a season. This time around the show provides Matt Murdock with two central plots and three sub-plots. At thirteen episodes, the show never feels padded, nor does a single episode feel like filler.

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The 5 Best Moments of Marvel’s “Daredevil” Season One


There’s always been something about me and underdogs. I love rooting for the underdogs. Even as a kid who loved comic books, while my friends were buying Punisher, Wolverine, and Batman, I was spending my time on Darkhawk, War Machine, Night Thrasher and Superman. The last character is iconic and a household name, sure, but he wasn’t in regular circulation in my circle of friends that collected comic books. It’s been hell being a fan of “Daredevil” for many years without proper justice paid to him. Surely, Frank Miller did an amazing job with him for a few years, but watching other characters get big screen treatments while Daredevil literally got short handed was irritating.

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Fantasy Battle Royales We'd Love to See

Every fan has their dream match ups, the heroes or villains from different pop culture sensations that they’d love to see do battle. And we’ve seen them all over the course of many decades. Superman met the Xenomorphs, Batman fought Dracula, GI Joe teamed with Transformers, and did you know Archie battled The Punisher? Yes, that was a dark time where comic companies were out of ideas. Good thing they’re filed with amazing new ideas today–er–never mind. In either case, I, like every other fan boy, has his ideas for fantasy battle royales. And here are ten that I think would be quite incredible.

Whom among these competitors would be your choice for victor among these battles? And what individual or team would you pair in a fight?

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Elektra (2005)

elektra_2005_500x375_279977Going in to pissed off fan boy mode in 3, 2, 1: So, here’s a history lesson in case you wanted it or not. Elektra, pre-Hollywoodization, was a beautiful but incredibly vicious warrior. She had depth, and personality and humanity, and was forced to turn against her beliefs when Bullseye, the psychotic killer murdered her beloved father in front of her eyes. Elektra blamed Daredevil for not helping when he could have and trained with the Hand to become a warrior. She returned to stalk Daredevil and fell in love with him. She was killed at the hands of Bullseye and returned as an undead warrior, more vicious than ever. All of this made possible by Frank Miller.

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