Jackass Forever (2022)

“Jackass Forever” is exactly the kind of movie that we need right now. In a world where everything is so dark, it’s kind of fun to see Johnny Knoxville return with the gang to just do dumb crap for ninety minutes. The virtually critic proof “Jackass Forever” is kind of a sequel and reboot of the series that brings back so much of the cringe inducing, horrendous stunts that we’re used too, all the while introducing us to some brand new members in the process.

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“Beavis and Butt-Head Do America” is the Zenith of the 90’s Most Notorious Duo’s Popularity

I was lucky enough to live through three generations of animated characters that not only drove adults crazy, but caused unnecessary havoc in schools and church for me. First there was Bart Simpson, who I remember listening to my teacher lecture us about him being a bad influence. In the late nineties we met a foursome of foul mouthed boys from “South Park” that also sparked immense hysteria and controversy. In between though there were two products of the 1990’s. They were the slacking, burnt out rocker, bare minimum, anti-establishment pair of losers who did nothing but watch TV and try to get laid.

They were known as “Beavis and Butt Head.”

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5 TV Shows I Enjoyed in 2016

I still am a big TV Junkie, but I admit there is just too much TV to really keep up with these days. So with shows appearing on all kinds of online services, and shows getting cancelled left and right, I don’t commit to a new series very often. While I have my old favorites like “The Walking Dead” and “Ash vs. Evil Dead” and while I buzzed about my favorite show of the year, “Stranger Things” earlier in the year, I managed to squeeze in time to watch a few other new TV shows that I had a very good time with. These are five shows I kept up with adamantly and plan to return to next year.

What were your favorite TV shows in 2016?

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Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996)

Before “South Park” and before “Jackass” Beavis and Butt Head treaded ground, first. They had commentary about aimlessness of our American educational system, they had gimmicks that made them iconic cartoon characters, and surely enough they indulged in pranks that were often so grotesque they should have been their own show. But most importantly they were funny and if you were around during the nineties, you can fondly remember seeing Beavis and Butthead everywhere. They were the source of all evil in the world next to Bart Simpson, and threatened to turn children in to raping thieving morons who would destroy the world. And while they were half right, Beavis and Butt head were stereotyped mainly because they were animated characters.

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Jackass 3D (2010)

“That’s the story of Jackass there! Pissing in the wind!”

Sure, “Jack Ass” May have stumbled with the first film which was just so many layers of pure awful.

Knoxville (pictured) getting mauled. For fun!

But with the sequel, Johnny Knoxville and the guys sort of learned their lesson in spite of its success and turned their antics in to performance art of a sorts. They’ve taken the art of acting like morons and turned it in to a form or pre-orchestrated and carefully planned nihilism that is both very funny and always has something of a point to make.

Take for example the sheer ludicrousness of Knoxville dressed as an old man making out with his under aged (an obviously aged actress pretending to be a teen) grand daughter and no one at all reacting to the display of the two kissing and nearly dropping down to the floor humping. It’s insane how by now Knoxville has figured out that he’s never going to be anything but the man behind “Jackass” so he’s taken that and made it in to a form of art where it’s often a new kind of silent film.
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5 MTV Shows Worth Watching

4402237202_b49cd04549I am by no means a proponent of MTV. I hate the channel and I hate the institution with a passion. They have turned America’s youth in to mush and exploited it for the sake of increasing their stock. When they’re not chronicling the lives of paper bag brown pieces of Jersey douches, they’re sensationalizing the lives of preteen skanks now in over their heads with kids. Shocking enough most of these girls are Southerners. Then there are shows like Cribs where you’re supposed to feel bad for being poor, Skins where MTV just pushes the line of child porn every single week, Pregnant and 16 the prequel (yay?) to “Teen Mom” where young skanks are pregnant, and it just keeps going on.

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