Never Hike Alone (2017)

I dare say that not only is “Never Hike Alone” one of the best fan films ever made, but it’s easily the best “Friday the 13th” fan film ever made. A mixture of “127 Hours” and “Friday the 13th,” director and writer Vincente DiSanti provides a riveting small scale sequel to “Friday the 13th” where he offers up a brand new twist to the conventional tale featuring Jason Voorhees. It’s a shame we might never get an actual sequel to the series because with a small bit of polish, and twenty extra minutes of extrapolation on our main character, “Never Hike Alone” could pass in theaters as the sequel to the series that we’ve always wanted. I’d say it surely is the sequel that I’ve always wanted, as it focuses less on cannon fodder and T&A and spends a lot more time on build up and suspense.

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My Five Favorite Movie Masks

purge_edWhether or not you like “The Purge” movie series, the third film in the franchise entitled “Election Year” is on its way and looks to be pumping up the schlock we saw from the first two films. The wise move the studios have taken is placing better, and larger emphases on the villains and purgers of the film, rather than just giving us posters with the protagonists. The villains have been the most eye catching aspect of “The Purge” series mainly because they always have the best face paint and masks. In honor of the excellent one sheet recently released, I thought I’d narrow down my top five favorite movie masks of all time. It wasn’t an easy feat, but it sure is a fun one.

What are some of your favorite movie masks of all time? Let me know in the comments.

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13 Random Things about Friday the 13th

jason_voorheesHappy Friday the 13th. If you’re the superstitious kind, you might want to avoid this list entirely, as I list thirteen random facts about “Friday the 13th.” Perhaps you might learn something new about your friendly neighborhood movie critic.

You might also be surprised to see how much of an influence “Friday the 13th” and Jason Voorhees has had on my life.

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Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013) [Blu-Ray]


If you’re like me, you left “Never Sleep Again” completely sure about your love for all things Krueger, and then wondered if Jason would ever get his turn. Thankfully, the folks at 1428 Films have indulged Jason Voorhees fan boys with an utterly extensive and incredibly detailed chronicle of the “Friday the 13th” series. At an intimidating six hours, director Daniel Farrands pays homage to the series that influenced dozens of copycats and wannabes in the eighties. Narrated by series star Corey Feldman, “Crystal Lake Memories” is another of the classic horror documentaries from 1428 that doesn’t just chronicle the rise of a pop icon, but also pays tribute to independent film.

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Top 10 Greatest Zombies Part Two


We cap off Halloween Horror Month 2014 by celebrating Day of the Dead with “The Top 10 Greatest Zombies” Part Two. Felix Vasquez Jr. offers his top five Zombie Slayers to take on the nasty horde of the sometimes evil, sometimes misunderstood walkers.

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Five More Underrated Horror Heroines


In 2012 we listed ten of our favorite Horror Heroines that we consider underrated. This year we thought we’d list five more very underrated horror heroines that risked life and limb for their family, or for a cause battling against a monster, demon, or some kind of alien. They’re gorgeous, strong, and prove you can be the final girl in a horror movie and not be at the mercy of pure evil. It’s really tough to find female characters in horror that are heroic and not just final girls. There’s a ton of final girls, but not many heroines, however we were able to find five we loved that also were conveniently enough, heroines until the very end.

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Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984)


Joseph Zito’s 1984 treatment of “Friday the 13th” really should have been the final film in the series. While I do love the “Friday the 13th” movie series dearly, there’s a considerable drop off in quality after “The Final Chapter” as you can sense the writers trying to bring Jason back with as little absurdity as possible. “The Final Chapter” is one of the last really excellent horror romps that focus on character dynamic and family, and surely enough it’s still a very strong horror film where Jason Voorhees is an unstoppable killing machine.

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